Cannabis Security Compliance

The legalized marijuana industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the U.S. and Canada. At GeekTek we were one of the first security and IT companies to recognize the highly unique needs of cannabis-related businesses. We quickly familiarized ourselves with the importance of cannabis security compliance and now offer specialized services to the cannabis industry.


As a tightly regulated industry, many cannabis companies find they struggle with compliance. With special regulations in each region, you want to work with a company like GeekTek that understands cannabis security compliance so you can mitigate risk with the best security management practices.

Tailor-made Cannabis Security Solutions

The secret to our cannabis technology solutions is our ability to remain flexible, transparent, and adaptable. By doing so we can rise to meet your needs at each stage of your growth cycle. We understand every company has different growth plans looking at the unique opportunities available in this dynamic market. GeekTek is there to take on the challenges of cannabis businesses. With the worries of meeting compliance and earning profitability, your team doesn’t have the time or often the skill set to dedicate to data security.

That is why you should be working with our team to ensure you help protect the sensitive data you create and store. We make sure cybercriminals don’t stand a chance to target your business whether it is your operations, IP or internal documents.

Managed Cannabis Security Solutions

You know you want a fully secure cannabis business but might not have the experience or knowledge to get there. As an award-winning cybersecurity and IT services company we do. We provide the support you need as you evolve.

The GeekTek team is there for you around-the-clock offering support and enterprise-grade tools so you have the most advanced protection in the cannabis industry. As one of the first security companies to enter this new field, we have the seniority to recommend the best strategy to scale your IT and security as effectively and affordably as possible. We understand cannabis security compliance and can provide exactly what you need to function efficiently.

Managed Cloud Services for Cannabis Security

The cannabis industry has many diverse opportunities, each with its own specific cannabis security compliance restrictions. We can assist your business based on the specific needs of your regions including Los Angeles, Toronto (Canada), Colorado, Illinois and Michigan. Our cannabis security services include:
  • Audit systems
  • Deploy security monitoring systems
  • Lock down systems and access to data
  • Intrusion detection and prevention system
  • Cannabis cybersecurity
  • Scaled construction rollouts for multiple locations
  • Encrypt all devices
  • Encrypt all devices
  • Encrypt all devices
  • Encrypt all devices
  • Encrypt all devices
  • Encrypt all devices
GeekTek’s experience and seniority in the field allows your cannabis business to scale up through IT and security. We know exactly what you need to function efficiently and support it with top-notch cannabis technology solutions to reach your end goal. Click here for more information.

Keeping You Protected

• Monitor security and networks 24/7 • Prevent and respond to incidents in real time • Patch management • Encryption monitoring • Remote support • Proactive maintenance • Enforcement of multilayer protection

Average cost of data breach

$ 500
An increase of 29% since 2013*

Average total cost per lost or stolen record

$ 1
An increase of 15% since 2013*

Five Large Data Breaches in US History

$ 0
Heartland Payment Systems
$ 0
$ 0
$ 0
Adult Friend Finder
$ 0

Four out of five of these breaches occurred within the last five years

Cannabis entrepreneurs are busy enough creating an industry. So don’t let a cyberattack destroy your dream before you’ve even started. Let GeekTek protect you, so you can focus on what you do best.