Cannabis Security

At GeekTek we offer trusted cannabis security services combining proven expertise in technology, installation, and after-sales support and monitoring. We will ensure the special requirements of your cannabis facility security and compliance are met with a highly compatible one-stop solution for your security needs.

Tailor-Made Cannabis Security Solutions

We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach to our cannabis security services.Instead, each of our customers receives a tailor-made security package that allows you to maintain the integrity of your cannabis environment while remaining compliant and completely protected. We specialize in cannabis technology solutions using a flexible, transparent, and adaptable approach. This allows us to work with you at every stage of your growth cycle. Regardless of your business growth plans, we’ve got your back and can ensure you meet your goals.

Allowing Growth

GeekTek understands the challenges faced by cannabis businesses. Every day, 24/7 you have to ensure you are meeting compliance while remaining profitable. Using data security can provide peace of mind allowing your business to protect the sensitive data you create and store every day. You can reduce the risk posed by cybercriminals determined to target your operations, your IP, your internal documents and even you personally. We stop them in their tracks.

Holistic Strategy

We use a holistic strategy to ensure you have a fully secure cannabis facility. We are an award- winning cybersecurity and IT services company. Our core business is focused on supporting high-growth cannabis businesses like yours. The expanding cannabis industry offers unique challenges which means you need a flexible strategy that works with your growth. We offer around-the-clock support and enterprise-grade tools, so we can deliver the most advanced protection in the cannabis industry.

National Reach

GeekTek’s national reach provides added security regardless of where your facility is located. We can assist in areas including Los Angeles, Toronto (Canada), Colorado, Illinois andMichigan. Areas that have excelled in the cannabis industry require special attention, with far- reaching security that enables your team to maintain control over your cannabis facility.

Why Choose Geek Tech?

Your needs always come first. We really listen to you so we can recognize pain points, address concerns and ensure we understand your viewpoint. We offer personalized service, becoming part of your team. Our philosophy is to think holistically so we are better able to solve problems in a proactive manner. We build partnerships with our clients to create win-win-win scenarios together.

Our Services

Our Cannabis security services include:

  • Audit systems
  • Deploy security monitoring systems
  • Lockdown systems and access to data
  • Set up intrusion detection and prevention system
  • Encrypt all devices
  • Deploy two-factor authentication on all devices
  • Centralize access control
  • Utilize identity management and single sign-on
Our customers span areas including Los Angeles, Toronto (Canada), Colorado, Illinois and Michigan. We keep your facility protected with our 24/7 monitor security and networks. We not only respond to incidents in real-time but work on preventing them. We offer remote support with multilayer protection from patch management to encryption monitoring. GeekTek’s experience and seniority in the field allows your cannabis business to scale up through IT and security. We know exactly what you need to function efficiently and support it with top-notch cannabis technology solutions to reach your end goal. To contact our team click here.

Keeping You Protected

• Monitor security and networks 24/7 • Prevent and respond to incidents in real time • Patch management • Encryption monitoring • Remote support • Proactive maintenance • Enforcement of multilayer protection

Average cost of data breach

$ 500
An increase of 29% since 2013*

Average total cost per lost or stolen record

$ 1
An increase of 15% since 2013*

Five Large Data Breaches in US History

$ 0
Heartland Payment Systems
$ 0
$ 0
$ 0
Adult Friend Finder
$ 0

Four out of five of these breaches occurred within the last five years

Cannabis entrepreneurs are busy enough creating an industry. So don’t let a cyberattack destroy your dream before you’ve even started. Let GeekTek protect you, so you can focus on what you do best.