Cannabis Surveillance

Rapid growth in the cannabis industry prompted GeekTek to scale our business to provide specialized knowledge and experience to cannabis-related businesses. We offer cannabis surveillance services using the most advanced technology for real-time monitoring solutions that protect your investment. Regardless of your business model, our team can help not only protect your cannabis business but also ensure it remains compliant based on regional guidelines. You will have peace of mind knowing your facility is being managed by one of the top authorities in the cannabis surveillance industry.

Regionally Compliant Cannabis Surveillance

GeekTek has the knowledge and experience to help your cannabis facility comply with regional laws and regulations whether you are located in Los Angeles, Toronto (Canada), Colorado, Illinois, or Michigan.

Keep in mind that many states require cannabis growing operations and dispensaries install a video surveillance system. This will vary from state to state and we can provide assistance to ensure you are compliant based on your regional guidelines such as how long you are expected to store surveillance footage or where cameras must be positioned. We will help you come up with a surveillance system and plan that cover all your bases.

Protect Your Assets with Cannabis Surveillance

There is more to cannabis surveillance than regional laws. Your assets should be protected, and a cannabis remote video surveillance system is the best way to do that. You will be protected from theft while also maintaining the integrity of your facility. You are not only up against intruders, but the potential for employee theft as well.

Whether you have a large outdoor growing operation, a dispensary or a greenhouse, a monitoring system will keep your entire property secure. You can also view your facility from all angles in real-time and receive real-time notifications should an incident occur.

Liability Protection with Cannabis Surveillance

A cannabis surveillance system also offers liability protection. When you have a GeekTek system on your property, you will record any incidents and have footage to prove the incident occurred. You can also interact with the monitoring system and local police as incidents occur which can reduce the risk for damage and theft which in turn can reduce your insurance premiums.

Security and Cannabis Surveillance Services

The GeekTek team will closely examine your property and determine the best video surveillance system for your facility. We look at all angles to ensure optimum coverage with cameras while ensuring you are completely compliant with your regional regulations.

We offer a full and comprehensive cannabis surveillance service including:

  • Deploying security monitoring systems
  • Locking down systems and access to data
  • Setting up intrusion detection and prevention system
  • Monitoring security and networks 24/7
  • Preventing and/or response to incidents in real-time

GeekTek’s experience and seniority in the field allows your cannabis business to scale up through IT and security. We know exactly what you need to function efficiently and support it with top-notch cannabis technology solutions to reach your end goal. To contact our team click here

Keeping You Protected

• Monitor security and networks 24/7 • Prevent and respond to incidents in real time • Patch management • Encryption monitoring • Remote support • Proactive maintenance • Enforcement of multilayer protection

Average cost of data breach

$ 500
An increase of 29% since 2013*

Average total cost per lost or stolen record

$ 1
An increase of 15% since 2013*

Five Large Data Breaches in US History

$ 0
Heartland Payment Systems
$ 0
$ 0
$ 0
Adult Friend Finder
$ 0

Four out of five of these breaches occurred within the last five years

Cannabis entrepreneurs are busy enough creating an industry. So don’t let a cyberattack destroy your dream before you’ve even started. Let GeekTek protect you, so you can focus on what you do best.