What You Need to Know About Cannabis POS Requirements in Illinois

Cannabis POS Requirements

Although the usage of cannabis has increasingly become socially acceptable, potential dispensary owners must operate under a number of guidelines, strictures, and laws. By increasing their knowledge in Point-Of-Sale (POS) requirements, businesses in Illinois have set themselves apart from more typical retail operations in terms of the tools and skillsets they possess to achieve success.

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Illinois General Assembly Legislation & Laws

The Illinois General Assembly (ILGA) is the authority to establish standards and requirements in the cannabis industry. Some of the standards they’ve put forth in Illinois affect:

The objective of a standards-based regulatory model is to shift the focus from complying with a specific set of rules or processes, toward the broader regulatory objectives they are expected to achieve. Since there may be many ways for licensees to meet the standards, there is some flexibility in determining what works best for their business.

Selecting A POS System For Your Business

One of the most important tools a dispensary owner can invest in is a solid POS system. By managing inventory, processing incoming cash, and performing other core functions of your dispensary, properly implemented systems can help save a significant amount of time, cost and hassle.

Product Design & User Experience

A well-designed cannabis-specific POS is easy to set up and operate and is designed from the ground up. The right POS system for your business will help you improve the quality of your customer interactions, save time processing actual sales, deal with inventory management, and stay compliant with all the various laws.

Improve Employee Performance

Cannabis industry POS systems will help to directly boost the performance of your staff, primarily through making product information available to them on the fly. Strain descriptions, conditions treated, prices, stock levels, and other critical information are available to your staff within seconds, enabling them to provide answers to customers instantly.

Access Customer Info & Sales Data

Customers’ buying histories and preferences are tracked, including favored strain types, frequency and volume of purchases, and even their patient status. This helps your staff make the right recommendations, vastly improving the overall experience of customers.

It is important to remember that all POS systems are not created equal. While it is possible to operate a dispensary using a mainstream retail POS system, you will find that they often lack functions that simplify operations and make cannabis sales more efficient and profitable.

POS Features that Keep You Compliant

Compliance is easily the number one administrative burden dispensaries have to deal with. Violation can lead to revocation of your license to operate, but a well-designed cannabis- specific POS system gives owners the opportunity to easily stay compliant at every stage of the process while allowing for maximum flexibility.

Advanced Reporting Functionality

Mistakes such as minor errors in amounts weighed, products pulled from the wrong container, or simple cash handling miscues can become potentially license-threatening issues for the cannabis industry. Using a POS system for reporting functionality will allow you to easily generate all the reports needed to stay in full compliance with the law at all times. It also should help minimize human error, saving further time and hassle in reconciliation.

Following Sales Regulations

When you select one of the better cannabis-specific POS systems, THC calculations will be done instantly, assuring both the customer and your staff that every sale is compliant. Non-compliant orders can be easily adjusted, and state guidelines are consistently satisfied.

Safety and Security

Regulations in Illinois state that there needs to be a video camera or cameras recording at each POS terminal. This allows for the identification of the dispensary agent distributing the cannabis and any qualifying patient or designated caregiver purchasing medical cannabis. The camera or cameras shall capture the POS, the individuals and the computer monitors used for the sale.

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