Why Properly Storing & Securing Your Dispensary’s POS Video and Sales Data is So Important

Dispensary Security Camera

Cannabis dispensaries are under pressure to properly store and secure all Point-Of-Sale data. Although laws and regulations vary per state, some have requirements of retaining, recording and storing video footage for up to 30 days.

At GeekTek, we know the importance of having a POS system in place that easily and accurately records all sales data. With our experience and seniority, we can help your cannabis business scale up with top-notch technology solutions to help you stay compliant with regulations, and keep you successful.

Why Dispensary Security Cameras Are Necessary

Security cameras are commonly used to protect businesses against robberies, break-and-enters, and internal theft. In the Cannabis industry, it’s even more important to have cameras in place for daily business operations and code compliance.

Security Cameras are Regulatory Requirements

Dispensary security cameras are a regulatory requirement where privately-owned cannabis stores have been given license to operate. In some provinces and states, agencies will not issue a store license until you provide proof that your store has a digital security camera system installed.

Video Surveillance Protects Your Investment

Opening a store in the cannabis industry is a significant investment. The cost of obtaining a license, leasing property, hiring staff, renovating, and buying inventory can reach well over six figures. With the supply of marijuana being as limited as it is today, you have every incentive to protect your inventory from internal and external threats.

Lowering Risk

A security camera system is also an indicator of wanting to reduce your risk, which could help you apply for insurance. Proving that your store is taking the steps necessary to reduce theft is favorable to insurance companies.

Configuring Security Cameras in the Cannabis Industry

Having security camera systems in place is the first step, but how you configure and install the systems also matters. A professional installation job is essential to ensure that your business meets the best practices, and will include:

In addition to video surveillance, video analytics provide software to efficiently use your system. With video analytics, you can configure your surveillance system to detect motion, recognize faces and license plates, or spot other abnormal activity. By equipping your dispensary camera system with video analytics, you will take on a proactive security posture and have the ability to respond to issues sooner.

POS System Operations For Cannabis Sales Regulations

It is important to consider platform stability, emergency backup, and operational features to keep your POS video system compliant. Perhaps the most fundamental choice you’ll make is whether you want to host and manage your video surveillance data locally or use a cloud-based solution.

Local Hosting

Local hosting of your POS system entails setting up and running your own server. This most often entails absorbing the cost of the required hardware as well as hiring an additional staff member specifically dedicated to IT concerns.

Local hosting may also require additional investment in facility renovations, as servers can have specific cooling requirements or other issues. While there may be added cost, the benefit of having greater control over the system and its operations is created.


Cloud-based solutions involve storing your data on remote servers operated and maintained by a third party. While this option is cheaper in regards to initial costs, it also requires a lower technical barrier.

Cloud-based solutions also are superior from a system backup perspective, as they incorporate much higher levels of redundancy in data storage than a local system. If lightning strikes your store, both your system and your external hard drive backups could be lost, but cloud data stays secure.

Cost of Ownership

The cost of purchasing a POS system can be deceptive in a number of ways. Many owners will focus on minimizing the initial investment to their detriment over the long-term, ignoring what support or upgrades may cost them in the future.

A good POS system and company will help you do everything you can to minimize your risks and expenses, while giving you all the tools and data necessary to maximize your profits and customer experience.

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